About Robert Rael

Hello, I'm Robert, and have lived in the San Diego area since I was 3. If you are looking for a unique place to have your photos taken, ask me. I'd be happy to show you places you may have never been to. San Diego is very picturesque and has pretty much anything you would ever want for a backdrop. Instead of a costly studio, I use San Diego as my studio. While still an amateur photographer, my work is considered professional by many. Because I classify myself as an amateur, you can save money by hiring me to do your next wedding, engagement photos, or anything you can imagine. I shoot in all digital, and can have your photos viewable online within about 24-48 hours. If you prefer print proofs, that can also be completed in the same amount of time. If needed, I can employ a second photographer for a different perspective. Take a look at my work, I'm sure you'll be quite satisfied with my ablity.